Bharat Electronics Limited (PSU) Job interview Experience
Vinay Kumar
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Due to a covid outbreak in their facility, they decided to skip the online test and took direct interviews of all 70 applicants (44 ECE, 26 CSE). Out of which 4 CSE and 12 ECE applicants were selected. Coming to the interview, it was a panel interview consisting of 5 members. 1) The first-panel member will ask you to briefly introduce yourself. 2) 2nd-panel member: What do you know about our company, explain in short( The fields they work on, the products they have developed, etc). 3) 3rd-panel member: Explain a project of yours in detail. 4) 4th-panel member took a rapid-fire round, and asked back to back core related questions (almost 15+ questions in total) like working and formulae, Ex: Working of a klystron, purpose of a waveguide, VSWR, Nyquist rate importance, modulation techniques, flip-flops, Radar working, Frequency ranges, microprocessor and microcontroller differences and uses, different types of radars, radar related questions. 5) 5th panel member (HR round qs) : Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?( Better don't say higher studies, at least for 2 years ), How do you think you are suitable to this role and company, If selected, will you be willing to move to any location?


Other comments

They were not at all interested in candidates aspiring for higher studies within 2 years, better check their company brochure in advance so that you can answer the question Why BEL?. ECE peeps better revise all formulae (radar related and communication related) and working principles.