Oracle Job interview Experience
Nitin Kumar
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

After the Introduction interviewer gave me this question

"Search in a rotated Sorted array" . I came up with an approach and he asked me to code it.
Then while coding it, I was stuck for a while, but then I recollected myself and was able to code it up.

Then the interviewer asked me about 'const_cast' in C++, and I said I didn't know about it.
Then he asked lots of questions related to the 'delete' keyword, and how delete works.

Then, the interviewer asked me if I knew about design patterns. I said I had no idea, ..

Later I said that in the internship, I use kid static instances to manage singletons.
Then he asked if I had any troubles using static instances?

Then he asked me more questions regarding my internship.

Then he asked me, you have experience in different languages like Python, Java. what if you are given a role in UI, where you would have to work on HTML, CSS?

Then he asked me if I had any questions and I asked him two questions

1. There are many different Oracle products, Oracle HCM, Oracle Fusion, Java, Oracle Cloud, etc.. . Oracle India works in which of these products.

2. Which agile methodology is used here at Oracle? SCRUM, KANBAN, Scaled Agile, etc ?

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It was mixed round, technical + HR

Interviewer asked :
What is the first thing you need to consider if
you are to travel from Delhi to Kanyakumari : ans = budget.

Write a program to print fibonacci numbers less than 100, which are odd and prime.

In your CV, I see that your CGPA was low for the first three semesters, but as soon as the corona time came, your cgpa went up.
Why was that so ?

If there is a situation where if you tweak your honesty a little bit, you would some benifits ? Would you do it ?

Why should we hire you ?

How much are you confident in DBMS ? I said I knew basics, but Its hard for me to judge myself.
Then he asked me about ACID properties and I answered.

Do you believe in God ?

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

After introduction, he asked me there questions :

What are your career goals ?

How well do you adapt to new situations ?

If I had to ask your friends about you. What three things they would tell me about you ?

What is the definition of success for you ?

What would you do if you had no time limit ?

Have you recently been part of a team ? Describe you experience about team work .

How is your chemistry with others in a team work ?

What do you do in your free time ?

Have you recently been in a leadership position ? describe.

One recent example where you set some goal for yourself, and were you able to achieve it or not ?

What do you like most about job description ?

... Few more questions

Then I asked him these questions :

1. There are many different Oracle products, Oracle HCM, Oracle Fusion, Java, Oracle Cloud, etc.. . Oracle India works in which of these products.

2. Oracle cloud came recently in 2015-2016, and Amazon AWS has been around since 2005 . It also has more market share than Oracle. What are the major differences between Oracle Cloud and AWS, and how do you plan to compete with it.

3. Is there any strategic goal for Oracle cloud for next 5-10 years in terms of marked position ?


Other comments

1. Try to think loud and keep communicating with the interviewer. Interviewer is very much interested in your thought process and approach.
In the first round, when I was stuck for like 5-6 minutes, I kept thinking loud and communicating with him where I was stuck. And soon enough I picked up what I was missing and finally coded it up.

2. I did a little research about the company and prepared around 5 questions to ask to the interviewer . It make a very good impact, if you ask questions and you show that you have done some company research.
That you are prepared

3. Prepare well for HR questions. You should "understand the interviewer's mindset" that why is he asking this question and what he wants ?
Why should we hire you ? : Interviewer wants you to relate job desc. with your skills, and want to know whether you know about job desc., and how enthusiastic you are about the company.
What is the definition of success for you ? : Interviewer wants to know if you will stay in the job for a long term or not ? If you would be satisfied here or you will wander away.

4. Last moment revision may help in Computer Subjects Like OS, DBMS. I revised DBMS two days earlier and read about ACID properties. If I hadn't revised it then, I for sure would not be able to tell even the full form of ACID. But because of that revision, I explained ACID properties well and confidently.