ExxonMobil Job interview Experience
Shubham Mote
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The test consisted of 2 parts.
Part 1 contained Aptitude questions with 3 sections (Verbal, LRDR and Quants), The verbal section was a bit time consuming as it had 3 comprehensions. LRDR was up to the mark and 'Quants' was quite simple. A total time limit of 60 minutes was assigned to this part.
Part 2 was a technical round. This was a bit of surprise as no one was really prepared to face technical questions. The questions covered almost all the important subjects of the second year, third year and final year as well. Most of the questions were conceptual or theory based. A total time limit of 30 minutes was assigned to this part.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

The topics given for all the groups of GD were quite interesting. The topics were well thought of, and the participants could actually speak about a lot of things. 15 mins were assigned for discussions and each person had to conclude the discussion within 30 seconds. The panellists were very strict regarding the 30-second time slot.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The interview was technical and HR both. There were 2 panellists, one to test technical and the other for HR. The panellists were quite friendly and didn't make me feel tense. The questions initially were quite general and were later focussed on my internship. The questions were framed as per my CV, so it is very important to be well versed with your CV. Some of the questions which I recall are mentioned below.
1) Briefly walk me through your life journey and how you ended up in VNIT, Nagpur.
2) Tell me about a time, when you were very successful as a student mentor.
3) What is the most crucial and important thing you did as a student mentor?
4) Briefly tell me about your internship experience in L&T Construction, starting with how you landed up there.
5) Can you draw a brief section of the bridge (my intern) and specifying the span lengths and other crucial details?
6) What kind of loads were taken into consideration while designing the bridge?
7) Did you any particular thing (during my intern) that you think could've been done in a different way.
8) At any point in time, while working on something did you find a solution only to realise that the data used was completely wrong or incomplete?
9) Tell me about your experience in making a short film.
10) Did you learn any life lessons while working on the short film?
11) Do you have any questions for us?


Other comments

Prepare your CV well, and make sure you are well versed with your recent internship.