Morgan Stanley Job interview Experience
Saurabh Rathi
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

1) Asked me about the project which was assigned to me during the internship. The problem we were trying to solve, business logic, my contribution, etc. 2) Asked me some basic Object Oriented Concepts (like abstraction,encapsulation,etc.), its definitions and examples of each. 3) Given a matrix, row-wise sorted, find the elements common in each row. 4) Given an array, find duplicates which are within a distance of k. 5) Given a set, find the elements which add upto a given number. Written code for 4 and 5. 6) Puzzle : Four Men in Hats. 7) Design BookMyShow. UML Class Diagram with all the relations. This design question took the maximum time of the interview.


Other comments

Selection of candidates for PPO was based on the work they had done in internship, manager review, and on the final interview . My interview was majorly on DS-Algo but my friends were asked questions on java, OOP , OS, DBMS, even Computer Networks. Design question was asked to almost all of us. Two years back, the interview used to be of 3 rounds which tested everything you know. But they have changed the format and I guess more weightage is given to the project work and manager review. But yes interview does matter. Questions asked in the interview depends on the interviewer (each interviewer has a particular set of questions) and also on the technologies you have used in your project.