Quantiphi Inc Job interview Experience
Ritvik Joshi
Graduate Analysts
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Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

The test consisted of Verbal, Logical Reasoning, Quant questions and also had sections on Coding. Even those applying for Business Analyst profile need to attempt the coding questions. But, for BA profile, you're not required to have any coding skills as such.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Our topic of discussion was "Women in the Workplace: Boon or Curse". The topic got a one-sided response from all of us, everyone raised points on Gender roles, stereotypes, equality, etc. In Before we concluded, we were asked to switch our stances. It seemed less of a discussion and more of one person speaking and others agreeing. In hindsight, we should've talked from both sides, irrespective of what our personal views on this issue were.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The "Technical" Interview for Analyst profile was actually more of an Apti+HR Interview. Some of the questions I remember are:
1) 'Tell me something about yourself' for which I had a prepared answer. Some points to keep in mind for this question: Tell your story, don't repeat what's on your CV [They've already read your CV] & Grab the interviewer's attention by telling something interesting in the first 30 seconds.
2)'What drives you to work' (expected question, answered)
3) 'What all have you done other than studies' (was waiting for this one :P ) another prepared answer
Followed by this, I was asked 3 aptitude-based puzzles. They seemed more interested in my approach than the actual solving. I had mentioned C Programming in my CV, she asked me a question for which I gave a clarification that I hadn't touched C after my 1st year; she then asked me to only give the logic.
Finally, I was asked to list the various factors on which customer retention depends on for a specific case (Multi-speciality Hospital)

Round 4

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

This round too started with 'Tell me something about yourself' however the lady who took my 1st interview was also present so I couldn't repeat my prepared answer and came up with something else on the spot. Followed by this, I was asked specific questions on why I applied for the company. Why Quantiphi? Why not join an Automobile company? Why not do a designing job? etc
Then he asked me what my biggest weakness was and how I plan to overcome it. (another expected question with a prepared answer)
Finally, I was asked how technology is changing things around us.


Other comments

Quantiphi is a young company and is looking for energetic youngsters excited to join the company. Fluency in English, clarity of thought and effective communication skills are a must. If you're passionate about technology, its possibilities and eager to learn, apply for becoming a Business Analyst at Quantiphi. I was (thankfully) not asked a single question about my academic performance, as a BA's role is not really about the nitty-gritty of engineering.