ExxonMobil Job interview Experience
Jay Patel
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The test consisted of two parts :
One was Aptitude based 60 Q in 60 minutes which consisted of Verbal, Logical Reasoning and Quant.
Verbal : There were 15 questions and it was quite easy.
Logical Reasoning : This section had 25 questions which were medium level.
Quant : This section had 20 questions. The question were of medium level but were time consuming .
Second part was Technical section which consisted of 30 Q in 30 min. In this a lot of thermodynamics questions were there. Apart from that basic Mass transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. Overall the technical section had medium level difficulty.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The Group discussion that took place for Round 3 was very structured.
1.The group consisted of 10 members. 2 of the panelists were there who were judging and writing our marks on sheet.
2. The topics selected were quite good and none of the topic had two different stands. Each topic expected you to take a stand with your group.
3.One minute was given in start for thinking. The one who initiates gets the advantage but he should make sure he has sufficient knowledge of the subject.
4.The time given for discussion was 20 minutes.
5. In the end everyone had to summarize or conclude in or less than 30 seconds.

Round 3

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

The Final and third round consisted of Interview.
The interview was taken by a panel of two. One of them was a Technical, a mechanical engineer with 20 yrs of experience and other was HR.
My interview started with the basic question of Tell me about yourself and why Chemical Engineering.
The next 40 minutes I was asked about my two interns which I did in quite a detail.
I had done two interns one was Research intern and other Industrial Intern.
The HR questions I was asked were also based on my intern like What would be one thing you would like to change in your final presentation you gave for your intern.
So my whole interview was on my two internships which I did.