Quantiphi Job interview Experience
Ajay Tale
Graduate Analysts
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The GD is the first level you have to cross in order to get seoected for a personal interview. Getting noticed by the company personel is very important and thus this one chance you get is cery very important. You have to speak confidently, correctly and adaptively. Your confidence level matters and is what brings you to notice to the company guy.
Some important things to keep in mind:
1. Introduce yourself and your stand on the topic of the discussion very clearly and in very crisp manner
2. Maintain good eye contact with the team you are discussing with. At intervals also give a slight smille to your observer. Nod to the points of the ones supporting your stand.
3. It may happen that yours mind stops thinking and goes blank due to the pressure, in such a case or even when you dont know any facts or havent heatd about the TOPIC ever, always try to LISTEN TO OTHER'S POINTS very attentively. Then built up your points by reframing the already said point in such a way that the guy speaking originally will hi self think if it really was his point. Either agree or disagree but always reframe other's points in very good way.
4. Don't cut anyone in middle of his point. This upsets the company guy more than any thing else.
5. Don't put up false facts or makeup facts. Wring data said once can ruin your good going GD round

All the best to all those who are going through the placement process.


This process is the selectio of thr best among all. Smartest among all. Most innovative and active full of energy guy among all.....so you cant expect going and getting selected just like that. You have to be in your ZONE that day...do whatever brings you in your full thirtle that day.

Round 2

HR Interview

25 mins
Interview Experience

Keep your answers to the very expected questions ready before hand


Other comments

Its the survival of the fittest concept in placements.
You ought to have a good experience of working in technical as well as technical projects. Make your profile as good as you can before the placement season. Do interns, projects, Aarohi, AXIS, sports, mantain good acads...everything....be hack of everything. That will make you stand apart from rest of the guys for sure.