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Ashwarya Jain
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Round 1

Written Test Interview

50 mins
Interview Experience

The written test consisted of 2 sections-
1) Aptitude- 20 Questions, 40 mins
Take tests regularly. India Bix and Pariksha.com are really good sites. Also practice, Arithmetic- Time and Work, Time and Distance, Ratio and Proportions, Mixtures and Allegations, Ages, Profit and Loss, Interests, Clock, Calendars, Number Systems, PnC, Probability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.

2) Verbal- 2 Questions-Answer any one (50-100 words), 10 mins.
Questions asked were-
1) State your long-term and short-term goals.
2) Who is your role model?
In general, Reading Comprehensions, Sentence Completion and Error identifications are the common verbal questions asked in other placement aptitude tests. So, Read. Read. Read. This is the only way to improve Verbal Ability.

Round 2

Technical Interview

75 mins
Interview Experience

This was basically a Case Study based round where 45 mins were allotted to go through the case study and the candidates were evaluated on the basis of their analysis. In 45 mins, we had to answer 5 questions. Later an interview was held on the same (75-45=30 mins appx.)
Tips for solving any Case Study-
1) Make sure you state all your assumptions correctly.
2) Read the questions to be answered properly and state what is required. Try to manipulate data as much as you can. To be honest, in a Case Study based interview nothing needs to be assumed all you have to do is study data, trends and try to deduce conclusions.
3) Don't let your Case Study be a thesis.

Round 3

Screening Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The company conducts a behavioral round where the focus is much on CV.
1) Be thorough with your CV.
2) Try to connect dots. Show what you have done and how will it be helpful to their firm.
3) Focus much on your extra-curricular activities, internships, certified courses (if any).
4) Do attend PPT (Pre-Placement Talks) and remember what values companies wish to have in their future employees. Always state an example while answering any question which exhibits the values you possess like leadership, team player, listening ability, adaptable etc.

Round 4

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

So, this is the final round. Be confident. Algorithms and some puzzles are asked. Let the officials know that you are the suitable candidate for their company. Do ask relevant questions at the end showcasing your interests in the company. One should know what the company is all about!


Other comments

1) Be Confident.
2) Criteria-All Branches doesn't mean you don't need "CODING". Go through the Algorithms and the Puzzles (Geeks for Geeks). Take the help of a YouTube tutorial for puzzles. Be thorough with loops, sorting and searching.
3) You might be rejected by a company for the same profile you applied in another Try not to reveal the weak areas. Be diplomatic and work hard.
4) Prepare your CV well. You should know what is there in your CV. Don't mention things you are not confident about.
5) Take tests regularly. Pariksha.com is the best site for the analysis. They provide step-wise analysis for you.
6) Try to connect with your seniors. Do have a LinkedIn account. You can search for your seniors working in the same organization. Ask them about work culture, learning opportunities etc.
7) Utilize your 2 months vacations. Practice regularly and do read articles, novels or anything which interests you.
8) Lastly, Rejection doesn't mean failure. It means you are meant for another company! Take home good vibes and do analysis on the same day. Ask yourselves questions like "What you did?", "What you should have done?" etc. and do work upon it.

So Gear Up Guys!

All the best :)