Deloitte Job interview Experience
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6.5 and above with no current backlog
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

105 mins
Interview Experience

It was an adaptive test wherein the level of the upcoming questions were decided by one's previous responses. All the questions were compulsory and one cannot review the questions once attempted. It consisted of Verbal ability, Quantitative aptitude and Logical reasoning based questions. Being quick with good accuracy levels can sail one through this test.

Round 2

JAM Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

Each JAM master was alloted about 10-14 students. Each student was given a topic with 30 seconds to think on it and 60 seconds to speak on the same. A change of topic was allowed (at max twice). The topics ranged from current affairs, technical buzz and some general topics. A topic once discarded by a student gets discarded for the entire group. This round was a check on one's confidence, fluency, understanding and thought process.

Round 3

Technical Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

It began in the most expected way by asking me to talk about myself (Start with your basic details and pitch your resume well, at the same time stay modest). I was asked questions on my major projects that I had done in my third year, was given situations and was asked to explain the repercussions of the changes. This discussion lasted quite long as it was to check on how well I knew about what I'd done in my projects. This was followed by a few questions on my cultural and academic activities in the
college. It ended with HR based questions as to where I live, will I be able to settle in a different city if asked to and my hobbies. Some other panelists had asked questions on the recent trending topics of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Some were asked to write snippet of a program code. In the end this round is majorly about your personality, confidence and your understanding of the work that you've done (as to what you've written in your resume).


Other comments

Practice aptitude well with atleast one question within a minute. Be honest and confident during JAM and PI.
Stay motivated and confident throughout.
Good Luck! :)