L&T ECC Job interview Experience
Vangala Reddy
Core - R & D
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

JAM Interview

2 mins
Interview Experience

The topic was " if the going gets tough, the tough gets going".
It was to test your understanding and communication skills. Be prepared prior to the interview by googling. Some of them were "1+1=11" , "If history was kind to you, what you will intend to write"


Other comments

The first thing you should do after entering the panel room is to wish him/them. Do a firm handshake(not a nervous one). This makes interviewer loose his dizziness and keeps an impression. The first question most of the times you face is "Tell Me about Yourself". If you are weak in Technical aspects you should impress him here itself. Answer him the way that he should get impressed. Use all your extra curricular activities and technical ones that you have done till fourth year. Mostly he will ask you the questions regarding internship /projects. Go thoroughly with the stuff that you have done in internship/project. Interviewer deliberately says "You don't know anything" if you don't answer. Most of the times, people get nervous and don't answer further questions perfectly. Interviewer also reads your psychological state of mind. Regarding technical questions you should be prepared with all the basics and any one of your favorite subject a bit deeper. To get deeper in your favorite subject i would suggest you to use "QUORA".
Personal Experience:
My first question was about my internship and I didn't answer it perfectly. He said "How people make up an answer even without knowing it". I was slightly nervous then. He asked me the basic technical questions (All subjects) and I answered him the most. He asked me what was my Favorite Subject. Mine was "IC Engines" and I answered every single question with an excitement. He didn't allow me to use pencil to answer(briefly) one of his questions. At the end, he asked me regarding doubts. I asked him why he didn't allow me to use pencil. He said he wanted to test my Communication skills. He said that i deserve a better company than his. I answered him " hire me if you wish".