Larsen & Toubro Job interview Experience
Harender Arora
Core - R & D
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The complete test was divided into two sections viz., 1. Aptitude Test and 2. Technical Test. The Aptitude Test was further divided into 3 parts viz., a. Quantitative Aptitude, b. Logical Reasoning and c. Verbal Ability. Further, there was no negative marking scheme, however, there was sectional cut-off. It means one has to clear all the sub-sections of Aptitude Test and Technical Test. One gets 60 Minutes for solving Aptitude Test and 30 Minutes to solve Technical Test. You can switch between any sub-section of Aptitude Test but you first need to complete Aptitude Test and only then you will be able to move on to Technical Test.
Aptitude Test: Each sub-section of Aptitude Test had 25 questions. Out of which 15 Questions were quite easy, 10 questions had a medium level and 5 questions were bit difficult. So you get 75 Questions in total and time allotted is only 60 Minutes. As there was sectional cut-off, try to solve 15 questions from each section and then solve for the remaining questions. At last spare some time where you can blindly tick any answer for the remaining questions. Don't leave any question unanswered.
Technical Test: This test is made for evaluating your knowledge about the fundamentals. Questions were asked from Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing Process and Theory of Machine. For preparation, just go through the theoretical concepts written in the book and look for things that are likely to be asked as MCQs. You don't have to prepare any derivation or Long Answer Numerical. Just prepare the basic concept/phenomenon. Remember the formulae, graphs, and relations in order to solve questions that asked relationships between different variables involved in a phenomenon.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

One special thing about Larsen and Toubro's GD round is that it is a non-elimination round, so after GD is done next step will be an interview, however, marks are allotted to each individual in GD which will be later combined with the score of Interview and the sum of these two rounds decides your fate.
A group of 9-10 students is selected randomly and then 5 minutes are given at the beginning to jot down our views and thoughts about the given topic and then 20 minutes is for Group Discussion and at last everyone is given around 30 seconds to summarize the entire session.
For us, the topic was, "Engineers should purse M.Tech only and not MBA". I assisted with the topic by the initial thought that I had which is a Graduate from any field of study can pursue MBA while to pursue M.Tech one has to be an Engineering Graduate. Just go with your gut feeling and don't change your thoughts.
As there are 10 students, so it's better that you should be at least among the first 4 students to start the group discussion. In this topic, you can easily pick many points. First, say your thoughts and then look for those who are against your side, then analyze their points and see how you can counterattack them. Remember to note down the points of all the students which you will be required for summarizing the GD. Ensure you summarize everything you have in 30 Seconds only.

Round 3

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

If you get selected for Group Discussion and Interview after clearing the Online Test, you are provided with a form and an add-on sheet. Online Test happens on the first day in Morning and by post-afternoon, the results come. You get the form and add-on sheet which you have to fill at your home and bring the next day. You don't have to take your resume and any certificates along with yourself, the form and add-on sheet serves this purpose. I have mentioned what is present in the form and add-on sheet in the General Tips and Suggestions Section. So read that section first and then come back here.
Now I will share about the interview experience. The interview panel had two people and as I entered the room they greeted by a handshake with a big smile on their face and asked me to sit and also asked whether I need tea or not? I mentioned this because I have never seen any panel to be this humble. So the environment becomes quite comfortable. They were reading my form and add-on sheet before I entered and then the first question they asked me was, "Tell me something about yourself", then they asked for my family and academic background. Prepare the answer for Tell me about yourself, this is mostly the first question you are likely to face, so be confident and fluent while answering and make sure your content is strong enough to impress the interviewers. Remember the old saying, "The first impression is the last impression". After that, they asked me about my favorite subjects. I mentioned Thermodynamics and Strength of Material. Then they asked what I like the most about Thermodynamics, I replied, "I like the way how the engine works." So they passed me a pencil and paper and asked to explain different Air-Standard Cycles. I drew the PV Diagrams and explained each step with its physical meaning. Then they asked me to draw the TS Diagrams and how can you justify that the expansion i.e the power stroke is an adiabatic process. They also asked me about the Multi-Port Fuel Injection System and how that makes any difference in the Otto Cycle. I said I don't know about it and then sooner they shifted to the next subject. They asked me about the theories of failures. I told about all six theories and they asked me about their applications. They gave me Cantilever Beam with a point load on its end and asked me to draw its SFD and BMD Diagram, and how can I show triaxial stresses on that cantilever beam. Then they asked me how will I design a square cross-sectional cantilever beam, so I explained from the beginning by considering the Bending Moment Equation, told the physical meaning of all terms and then the major focus was given to how I will calculate the maximum allowable bending stress, They asked me whether it is the property of material or the load applied. So I said maximum allowable bending stress is calculated by knowing two things: 1. Yield(for Ductile) or Ultimate Stress(for brittle) and 2. The factor of Safety(depends on the application- Aerospace- 1.5-2 and Structures/Civil Engineering- 2-10). By knowing the application and material of the beam, one can calculate the bending stress and then find the area of cross-section.
This was the end. They asked me whether I have any questions for them, I asked how a candidate is evaluated in its first year of Job. The shared their complete module and finally asked do I have any location problem to which I replied no. Then with a firm handshake, the interview was over.


Other comments

After you clear online test on the first day, you will be called to the Training and Placement Department and officials from Larsen and Toubro will give you a form and an add-on sheet. The form consists of 4 pages. In the first page, you have to fill in your personal info, in second page you have to fill in your academic performance in college, achievements at School-Level and if you 6 months gap between 10th and 11th you have to provide the reason for it. In the third page, you have to write about where you have done an internship, extra-curricular activities, positions of responsibility(Ex. Student Mentor, AXIS Core-Coordinator etc) and you have to write about the preferences of the Job Roles from the following choices: Marketing, Design, Projects, Planning, Strategies(Logistics,IT) etc. In the last page, you have to sign the undertaking that you have provided correct information and also give reference contacts of two working professionals other than your relatives just in case if the company is unable to contact you.
In add-on sheet, there were two questions. The first question asked about any situation where you have applied your knowledge, skill sets or abilities to help a larger group of people. I worked in an NGO-Make A Difference where I was Academic Support Mentor and over there I managed a batch of 10+ Volunteers, so I wrote about this experience. The second question was for providing not only your Job Role Preferences but also the reasons why you selected that Job Role and why you think you will the right candidate for the job.
Answer both the questions carefully and be original. Don't copy from others as you have to share with the interviewers the same thing which you have written.