Deloitte Job interview Experience
Abhishek Khati
Business Analyst
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

The computer based test consisted of aptitude questions based on numerical and verbal ability.Specific time was alloted for each section. Some part of logical thinking,
commonsense and accuracy in mental calculation will help in cracking the online test.

Round 2

JAM Interview

1 mins
Interview Experience

Each group of 10-12 people was assigned a mentor. Each member was given a topic to speak on , for 1 min preceded by a time of 30 seconds to ponder over the same.
General topics were given. Each member had liberty to change the topic twice if he/she is not comfortable with the given topic .This round was conducted to check your fluency ,
way of communication ,grammar ,etc. Take a deep breath and speak whatever you know about a topic , maintaining a calm composure while speaking which will open your way
for the final round - THE INTERVIEW.

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

My interview started with the usual question - Tell me about yourself. ( Just tell them about your about your academics , your schooling ,and something more which is not present
in your resume. For eg. your hobbies ,etc. It's better not to repeat that stuff which is present in your resume.) Next I was asked what I knew about the company and why I would like to join the company, followed by where I would like to see myself in coming 5 years. Then , I was asked about the projects I worked on . Next , I was asked to write a code for the pattern. given .( I wrote some syntax and scribbled something on paper , looking at which my interviewer understood that I was unable to write it and asked me to explain the approach , which I did quite
comfortably). Next I was asked about some terms related to IT to which I answered a polite 'no' indicating I had no idea about them. So, overall It was quite good. Actually, this round is
conducted to test your presence of mind (sometimes) , to know about your personality ,confidence and about the work you had put efforts into.


Other comments

So, just be yourself in each round.
Answer all the questions honestly and if you don't have any idea about anything they ask just say a polite 'no'.( Don't bluff about anything you had no idea of).
Stay confident , polite and composed all the time.
Good luck!