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Overview Of Student Portal

Today a student, tomorrow’s employee or entrepreneur. The journey isn’t going to be easy, but a little ease can be added to it. Student Portal is an integrated platform that connects students, professors and the prosperous alumni network of VNIT together. It is a one-stop destination where seniors share their job and internship interview experiences and you can get all the updates about club events and activities.

Our Vision

We aim to become a student-centric platform and to create a forum to connect students, professors, and the esteemed alumni of VNIT. We look forward to helping students in acquiring new skills, preparing for interviews and creating a place where students can choose their future path with great confidence. Besides, we mean to direct students towards new knowledge and polished insights, forming a clearer picture of their goals and apprise them about the different clubs of VNIT. We intend to keep adding enriching drops to the sea of students' experience at VNIT.


We believe in the power of an Individual and an Individual’s Experience. Experience is powerful. But more powerful is an experience shared. It resonates, it simmers, it sinks in and shapes us, directing students towards new knowledge and polished insights, forming a clearer picture of their goals. Experience shared is an experience remembered!

The Student Portal of VNIT is here to provide you insight into the Jobs/Internships Interview experiences shared by the past students, the various companies that have come and the packages that they have offered and many more in a brief and concise format, that will boost your chances at grabbing the best opportunities that you are presented with.


An integral part of any student's college lives' are the clubs! VNIT is no different and we have over 20 clubs to choose from, with many more having been created in recent years. Student Clubs offer foresters fun, personal, and professional opportunities outside of the classroom that builds life skills.

Student Portal guarantees to bring all these clubs to you by presenting all of its events, important dates and announcements and keeping you up to date with the happenings in the college.

Imminent Projects

Project corner and Skill Section are our future initiatives on the verge of rolling out soon. They will add a significant milestone to our offerings for the students of VNIT.

Project Corner

Project corner, one of our future initiative aimed at bridging all the gaps between professors and students wanting to work on some of the really fascinating projects. It will facilitate professors to add the projects from their end on the portal and the students to apply for it directly from their account easing the process.


VNIT.NET is being developed to bridges the gap between the students and alumni who'll be sharing their experiences through our website and providing a complete roadmap for beginners to take up with the new skills necessary in today's industry. May it be competitive programming, hackathons, web development, digital marketing or any other non-technical skill we have got them all covered. We are immensely grateful to our alumni who are investing their valuable time in making this section a success.




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Our Team

`Great things are rarely achieved by an individual, it's the result of the collective efforts of the whole team. Our team full of competence and dedication keeps putting countless hours behind the scenes to give an optimal experience to the students of VNIT.`

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Dhiraj Gandhi


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Sonia Godhwani


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Sagar Bansal


New Recruits

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Abhishek Jaiswal

SDE | CSE'22


Kunal Moharkar

SDE | CSE'22


Vishwesh Pillai

SDE | ECE'22

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Vanshika Gupta



Raghav Saraf



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Saurabh Rathi

SDE | CSE'19

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Sharvil Nagarkar

SDE | CSE'19

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Atharva Parwatkar

SDE | CSE'19

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Priyank Nagarnaik

SDE | CIV'20

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Yash Kumar

SDE | CSE'21


Amay Jain

SDE | CSE'21


Radhika Poddar

SDE | CSE'21


Saurabh Pujari

SDE | CSE'21

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